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Workshops & Education

Give them a show: Demystifying Stagecraft

We talk through, and work through ways to help you relax on stage and build a stage persona. How to polish your performance and boost your confidence. We also look at microphone technique and communicating with your audience. Bring along your own song for a chance to try in front of the group (not everyone will have the opportunity within the workshop as time is limited). Ukuleles are ideal but not vital – suitable for beginners/intermediate.
“Ever wished you could feel relaxed on stage? Ever practise and practise at home for it all to go to pieces when you step in front of the mic? George & Mandi from Opera-lele will work with you through various steps to help you perform at your best in front of a crowd. Bring your ukulele, bring a song and be brave enough to give it a go!” 

Harmonising with Opera-lele

You want to add some interest to your vocal parts and don’t know where to start? George & Mandi from Opera-lele will show you how to put 3 or 4 parts together and hold onto your own part without being put off by everyone else! We’ll learn together, have a good old laugh and end up by singing in 4 part harmony! 

Singing & Strumming

Ok, so we all know the form. You decided that you fancied learning an instrument and the ukulele seemed cheap to buy and easy to start. BUT - you never realised that there would be so much singing! George & Mandi from Opera-lele will teach you some tips and tricks about singing while you play. You will leave with some great practice ideas and we’ll help you to tackle any weaknesses and build on your strengths!

Join Opera-lele's Opera Chorus

Ever wondered if you could sing in the opera? Well, here’s your opera-tunity! George and Mandi from Opera-lele will teach you a famous opera chorus which you will then have the chance to perform on stage with Opera-lele. Here is your big chance to break into the opera – next stop, Covent Garden Opera House!  

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