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Opera-lele in 2024

Dates for 2024 are constantly being updated. Please check back regularly to view changes.

9th - 11th February - Big House, Penrith

1st - 4th March - Bracklesham Ukulele Weekends, Isle of Wight

29th March - Login Lounge, Camberley, Surrey

17th - 20th May - Bracklesham Ukulele Weekends, Jersey

21st - 24th June - Galway Ukulele Festival

26th - 28th July - Ukulele Festival of Great Britain, Cheltenham

2nd - 4th August - Shrewkfest, Shrewsbury

20th - 23rd September - Keep the weekend free!!

25th - 28th October - Bracklesham Ukulele Weekends, Eastbourne

December - Opera-lele Christmas Show on Tour (details to follow)

Please get in touch if you'd like Opera-lele to perform at your event.

"Opera-lele is truly one of the best acts in the ukulele world."

Mary Agnes Krell, producer and director of A Grand Northern Ukulele Festival & related tours

Opera-lele Showreel

This is taken from a live show given at the Queen's Hall Theatre on 12th October 2017.

What audiences have said about Opera-lele

"I was mildly worried when my lovely stepdaughter bought us tickets for tonight's show as I am not a big fan of opera nor ukulele, so it didn't bode terribly well.

We were hooked from the opening number!

Clever, funny and hugely entertaining. Great night out."

J. McCarthy

"Mandi and George's musicianship and stage presence make for an exciting evening of entertainment. They make opera and light classics accessible and fun, but without deriding their repertoire. Serious music, serious talent (and a dose of not-so-serious humour!) all add up to a lot of fun. If you have not seen them, go out of your way to do so, soon."

R. Spinks

"Doesn't sound like it should work, but it does! Brilliant fun act with a charming pair of professional opera singers, songs cleverly arranged with ukulele accompaniment and a lot of chuckles too."

D. Field


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